Production of control and switching cabinets for electric drives

Development of control and commutation cabinets for electric drives (ShUK-EP)

ShUK-EP electric drive control and commutation cabinets are intended for control, protection and commutation of electric drives of pumps, fans, conveyors and technological electric drives.

Main functions:

  • Manual and automatic control of the operation of electric drives;
  • Protection of electric drives against overloads and short-circuit currents;
  • Protection of control circuits against overloads and short-circuit currents;
  • Indication of the operation of electric drives;
  • Indication of operating modes of electric drives;
  • Indication of emergency conditions;
  • Automatic control of an electric drive in a group according to the main - reserve scheme;

Additional functions:

  • Automatic input of the backup (ATS) electric drive in case of failure of the main one;
  • Forced ventilation of the control cabinet of the required capacity, which can be turned on and off depending on the temperature of the power modules;
  • Heating the control cabinet to prevent the formation of condensation or in cases where the temperature cannot be lower than the minimum value;
  • Reverse of electric drives;
  • Remote control;
  • Automatic control of the electric pump by the level (pressure) sensor;
  • Lighting inside the cabinet;
  • Bypass (in case of an emergency on the frequency converter, automatic switching of the electric drive from the mains);
  • Freely programmable controller with interface output (RS485, TCP / IP);
  • Data collection from electricity meters and water flow meters;
    GSM / GPRS modem (for data transmission to the control room);
  • Graphic panel;
  • and etc.

Power supply:

  • Voltage - 220V, 50Hz;
  • Voltage - 380V, 50Hz;

Additional options when equipped with a frequency converter:

  • Built-in protection against short circuit, overvoltage, motor stop, motor overload;
  • Availability of the RS-485 interface (Modbus-RTU);
  • Conclusion of operational information on the display: output frequency, motor current, voltage on the DC bus, frequency setting, error messages;
  • Output frequency up to 1000 Hz;
    The presence of a PID regulator;
  • Freely programmable analog input;

Degree of protection:

At least Ip54

The use of control and switching cabinets for an electric drive of the SHUK-EP series guarantees users maximum functionality and efficiency of the processes performed. We offer a variety of types of solutions, each of which delivers unmatched quality control.

When programmable controllers are used in the cabinets of the ShUK-EP series, it is possible to implement, in addition to standard logic control tasks, also individual algorithms required for a specific object.

New energy efficient technologies and solutions

For systems with several pumps (fans) in cabinets of the ShUK-EP series, it is possible to use new solutions and technologies that improve reliability and reduce operating costs.

One frequency converter
In this solution, one frequency converter controls the operation of the main pump with variable flow control. If there is a need to increase the flow rate, then additional pumps with a fixed capacity are connected.

Sequential inclusion
This solution uses its own frequency converter to control each pump. As the flow rate increases, the main frequency converter increases the speed to the maximum threshold value, after which the next pump with frequency converter is switched on. This method ensures smooth starting and stopping of all pumps.

Series connection with "Master / Slave" function

This solution uses the same principle as the standard series connection. The difference between these solutions is that if it is necessary to increase the flow in a situation where the main pump is already operating at maximum capacity, the next pump with a frequency converter is connected in parallel. This solution ensures that all pumps run at the same speed, which reduces noise and increases reliability.

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